To Begin

Anyone thinking of building a model ship for the first time will undoubtedly have many questions. There are many things to consider before a ship model is started. On this page you will find some information from experienced ship modellers that may help answer some of those early questions.

Things to know before you start

Making a model ship requires careful consideration before you begin. CMSS has captured some of those early questions and provided the simple answers.

Click on the Introduction to Ship Modelling to answer many of those early questions.

Understanding the language

When you start building a model for the first time it is likely that you will come across some unfamiliar terms / words. Most books on ship modelling and instruction sheets use the correct nautical terms for components of the ship. This is almost like a new language for some and can be very confusing to the beginner. To help the ship modeller, CMSS has produced a glossary of nautical terms.

Click on the Glossary of Nautical terms to get help with common terms used during ship modelling.

Types of Model Ships

While Canberra Model Shipwrights Society encourages the building of all types of model ship, most members build predominantly wooden models of period ships. Click on Types of Period Ship Models for guidance on the different types of construction.